Saturday, September 6, 2008

Up date!

Well things have changed for me a bit. I have returned to the Govt. I now work for the US Fish &Wildlife as an Engine Captain in there wildland firefighting program. It is at a refuge about 70 miles from Tucson. So this being the case I am only in the shop on the weekends when I am not on a fire.
The photo above is one I shot on a night burn were I work.

Please contact me at for any orders or questions as I don't always check hear that often.

I will still make all items listed here and develop more. It will be a delay of a few weeks at times on orders. But as always I will not except money until I am ready to ship.



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Quick and dirty on mounting the hilts.....

To start.
Take the rattan and chose your handle end.
At this point figure were you want the hilt to end up and mark it.
Size up the rattan to the socket to see how close the rattan fits or how much you need to remove.
Now shave the rattan to fit the rattan but not quiet. The socket should not fit at this point but have the rattan around a 1/16th “oversized. This of course is only really important right where you want the hilt. So if you are going to wrap the handle to increase the size or what not make it just able to slide the hilt to about 1” from where you want it to be on the rattan.
Now if you want your rattan have one side as your lead edge or a bend a certain way set your hilt to mach.
There are a few ways to set the hilt at this point.
One; on the sword point of the rattan hold the rattan a few inches away from the point. With the hilt side down towards the floor. Now strike the flat part of the point of the rattan above your hand with a hammer. Sharp quick hits. This will drive the rattan into the socket. It has always worked well for me. Just have a file handy and keep an eye on the rattan pealing up and just file it away and keep hitting it until the hilt is where you want it.
The other ways are close to the same except you strike the hilt instead of the rattan.
Then finish as you like.
You can at any point during the use of the weapon. Put the hilt socket that stick out the most in a vise and lightly crush it until it is out of round. To keep the hilt from spinning if it is not on tight or the rattan dry’s and shrinks.
That’s about it.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Katzbalger hilts and pommel price

This is the standard katz hilt and the pommel type that is best matched with it at this point.
The Katz runs 14oz and 4.5" in diameter.
The Pommel is 8oz and 3" in height.
The Katz is $35
The pommel is $20

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well the fire season is almost on me.....

Just turned down an assignment to take a T-3 engine down south as the engine captain to get in to the shop and get some other orders done..........The photo above was from last year.
Really most fires at this time of year are short (1-3 days) around here. But there is the Chance for an assignment to Texas and that would run up to 14 days not counting travel. Lots of fun down there chasing grass fires around.
More later